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How To Get People To Respect You

How To Get People To Respect You with 20 Ways To Earn Respect

Want to know how to get people to respect you? Well, there are some simple ways to earn respect from others. Because age or position is not a prerequisite to gaining respect! It’s more about how you conducts yourself, your attitude toward others, and your actions. We all want to be respected by others, but respect is something we need to earn.

Fortunately, the psychology of respect is pretty straight forward. Essentially, respect is paying thoughtful consideration to other people’s words, feelings, thoughts, ideas, wishes or needs. And you can use simple psychological tricks to get respect immediately!

To lead a happy and successful life, learning how to earn respect from others should be an important goal for self improvement. If you want to be someone who is respected, you need to respect others. It’s a two-way street. So check out these simple tips and learn how to get people to respect you now!

  1. Honor with what you say – eg delivery what you say, keep your promise
  2. Don’t waste other people’s time – eg be on time, bring up to the point fast, address issue right away, be concise
  3. Don’t badmouth others – talk to them and work things out, do not look good to you or others
  4. Stop apologizing for no reason – don’t say sorry for every little things
  5. Stand up for what you beliefs – stand your beliefs and do in a respectful manner
  6. Stop being too nice – say it in a polite and respectful way if you do not want to do somethings
  7. Speak up when mistreated – speak out
  8. Stand up for someone else
  9. Be yourself – be original version of yourself, not duplicate of others. Discover who you are, and what you stand for
  10. Anticipate the needs of others – do things for others without being ask
  11. Believe in your ideas – even it is funny, embrace creativity to follow your idea. Don’t give up easily.
  12. Care about others – learning sympathy. Don’t focus yourself. Have ability to bring attention to listen others, and help when needed.
  13. Be good at what you do – can start small and presistence
  14. Add real Value – offer value to others eg in community, work, or any situation that applied.
  15. Offer to help
  16. Control your emotions
  17. Be inspiring – eg. support and encourage other people tracing their dream.
  18. Learn to say NO – by saying no, that will express to others that you value your time.
  19. Respect yourself
  20. Respect Others – Respect reflects how to treat others.
  21. Smile

Source: youtube @ BRAINY DOSE

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