Jude (Overview)

Bible: Jude (Overview)

What’s the big idea?

Jude’s purpose in his letter was twofold: he wanted to expose the false teachers that had infiltrated the Christian community, and he wanted to encourage Christians to stand firm in the faith and fight for the truth. Jude recognized that false teachers often peddled their wares unnoticed by the faithful, so he worked to heighten the awareness of the believers by describing in vivid detail how terrible dissenters actually were. But more than simply raising awareness, Jude thought it important that believers stand against those working against Jesus Christ. Believers were to do this by remembering the teaching of the apostles, building each other up in the faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, and keeping themselves in the love of God (Jude 1:17, 20–21).

Watch our overview video on the book of Jude, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In this book, Jude confronts corrupt teachers who distort the message about his brother Jesus and lead others astray. #Jude​ #BibleProject​ #BibleVideo

Source: youtube@ BibleProject and www.insight.org/resources/bible/the-general-epistles/jude

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