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Book of Lamentations


The book consists of five separate poems. In the first (chapter 1), the city sits as a desolate weeping widow overcome with miseries. In Chapter 2 these miseries are described in connection with national sins and acts of God. Chapter 3 speaks of hope for the people of God: the chastisement would only be for their good; a better day would dawn for them. Chapter 4 laments the ruin and desolation of the city and temple, but traces it to the people’s sins. Chapter 5 is a prayer that Zion’s reproach may be taken away in the repentance and recovery of the people.

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活出愛 – 盛曉玫

活出愛(含經文旁白:愛 盛曉玫)泥土音樂詞曲:盛曉玫 有一份愛,從天而來,比山高,比海深測不透,摸不著,卻看得見因為有你,因為有我,甘心給,用心愛把心中這一份愛,活出來 耶穌的愛激勵我,敞開我的生命讓自己成為別人祝福耶穌的愛點燃我,心中熊熊愛火我們一起向世界,活出愛 主耶穌說:「我賜給你們一條新命令,乃是叫你們彼此相愛;我怎樣愛你們,你們也要怎樣相愛。」(約13:34)這一條是主耶穌對我們每一個信徒的要求。因我們都有軟弱,也有缺欠,需要弟兄姊妹互相幫助扶持,如果我們與人之間的相處,建立在彼此相愛的基礎上,能以主耶穌基督為標桿,就能達到與人和睦相處,彼此相愛了。 活出愛 – 盛曉玫 原曲詞: 盛曉玫 Song Live Out Love 活出愛 …

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