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聖經攻略 S01E01 [廣東話/粵語]


聖經攻略 S01E01 節目介紹 A (見證神蹟分享) [廣東話/粵語] 聖經攻略目標是幫助你在最短的時間裏面對聖經及神有一個宏觀的認識使你了解神給你和這個世界的計劃。 節目內容如下: (1)信仰101、(2)新約攻略、(3)舊約A攻略、(4)舊約B攻略、(5)啟事錄。 The Bible Walkthrough aims to help you have a complete view of God and the Bible so that you know the great grand plan for the world and for you. This programme aims to take you through the Bible in its …

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