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啟示錄攻略 5 – Cantonese Ministry

【啟示錄攻略 5】撒旦的無間道計劃

【啟示錄攻略 5】撒旦的無間道計劃 [粵語] 屬於撒旦的淫婦巴比倫在未世時間作惡多端,掌控天下的權力軸心。在最黑暗的時候有一位大英雄興起,一日間把巴比倫完全摧毀,天堂及眾聖人都歡呼慶祝。但原來這個大英雄竟然是撒旦派來的無間道,將成為終極的大敵人。 Mystery Babylon is a Satanic evil reigme that controls the world in the end times. A hero arises which spectacularly destroys Babylon in just one day, and all of heaven and the saints celebrate this great event. But in fact, this superhero is in fact a …

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