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啟示錄攻略 6-2 – Cantonese Ministry

【啟示錄攻略 6 [2/2]】神子復仇記 審判來了

【啟示錄攻略 6 [2/2]】神子復仇記 審判來了 [粵語] 我們現在已經明白撒旦透過他的僕人敵基督掌管世界的計謀,但他的控制會是短暫的因為神子耶穌基督將破壞他的派對。最後神的容忍已經到了極限,基督將使用七印、七號角和七碗代聖徒報仇。 We have now studied into Satan’s grand plans and how he managed to take over the world through the Antichrist. However his reign will be short because the Son of God Jesus Christ will destroy his party with seven seals, seven trumpets and the …

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