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The Beginners Bible

10 FULL Episodes – +4 HOURS NON-STOP – The Beginners Bible

 10 full episodes of the best bible series – Beginners Bible The Beginning of the World – Adam and Eve – Moses and Noah! Watch the hole story of the Bible, Jesus and God!

About Lotus Yuen

Hi my name is Lotus Yuen. I am the founder of www.TheLifeLesson.com. Through this website, I hope I can bring positive energy and attitude to people who are facing challenge and difficulties. And hope you can learn more about Bible from the context of this website. Never Give Up and Life is beautiful. ^_^ 嗨,我的名字是Lotus Yuen。 我是www.TheLifeLesson.com的創始人。 通過這個網站,我希望我能給面臨挑戰和困難的人帶來積極人生態度。 希望你能從這個網站的上下文中了解更多關於聖經。 永不放棄和生活是美麗的。 ^ _ ^ 通过这个网站,我希望我能给面临挑战和困难的人带来积极人生态度。希望你能从这个网站的上下文中了解更多关于圣经。永不放弃和生活是美丽的。 ^ _ ^

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