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Write for us

Why write for www.TheLifeLesson.com?

If you have a story to tell or some great advice to share, we would love to hear from you. Here are a few reasons why you should share your voice with our community.

You Will Make A Difference In People’s Lives

www.TheLifeLesson.com is a community dedicated to helping improve all aspects of our reader’s life and your work will contribute to fulfilling that mission. We provide practical advice, resources and the motivation to help our readers realize their full potential.

Find A Huge Audience For Your Work

Once your blog post is approved, we will work our social and distribution machine to make sure it gets the reach it deserves. Your work will be posted on our Homepage (300,000 visitors per month), your article will also be pushed on our social networks including Twitter, Google+ and Facebook where we have more than 700,000 Followers.

Promote Your Name/Business

Most of our contributors leverage their exposure on www.TheLifeLesson.com to promote their own business or services. A popular article on www.TheLifeLesson.com gives you added online visibility. enhances your creditability in your field. We allow you to write a quick bio about yourself that will appear below your article, use the opportunity to promote your brand or website by embedding a relevant link.

Flexible Schedule

You’re the boss. You can contribute whenever you like. There is no specific timeline for your articles. We encourage you to create your own deadlines.

General Guidelines:

Recommended article length: 600 – 1200 words
The topic must be related to Self-Improvement, Success, Motivation, Inspiration, Relationship or Entrepreneurship.
Posts must be 100% original to www.TheLifeLesson.com (found nowhere else on the internet)
Provide a clear takeaway or learning for readers. Use Headings, subheadings or numbered lists to structure your writing.
Reserve self-promotion to your bio
How To Submit?

Send your article together with your full name and a short bio to write@thelifelesson.com

We prefer submissions as Google Doc, but we also accept Word documents.

Your post may be edited for typos. Changes can be made to the Title or text to give improved search engine visibility without changing the sense of your writing. If we need to make more significant editing, we will contact you before we do.

Become A Regular Contributor:

If you want to contribute to www.TheLifeLesson.com more regularly, we will create an account so you can write directly on our blog from our website. Send an e-mail to write@thelifelesson.com with your name, a short bio and tell us why you’re interested in becoming a regular contributor. Our regular contributors are compensated.

Soon you will be inspiring millions to realize their full potential